Build your own
Advertisement screen

Convert normal smart TV to an advertisement display.

Enable advertisement selling to earn money easily.

Why to choose us


Freedom of Device

We transform any smart-TV to digital signage device. Choose display size and quality based on your budget. No need to buy expensive special device.


Easy to Manage

Installing is so easy that can done by yourself. Controlling your screen happens in the cloud, so you can manage it anywhere.


Monetization Platform

Our ads selling service makes earning easy. It handles content, campaigns and payments for you. Just set your pricing and rules, and start earning.

The easiness of our concept is unique and our plan is to change the Digital Signage business.

How it works Try the demo

Explore without commitments

Our basic idea is to make owning advertisement display as easy as possible. No negotiations, no initial costs, just plain simple service that can be explored and tested.

Recommended approach

Register an account and create a screen with it. Then test our service by transforming your laptop or home Smart TV to ads display. If you like it, buy suitable display device from your local electronics retailer and start your business. If you don't like it, you haven't lost anything.

Install eeScreen in three minutes

Monetize your screen


Traditional way is not efficient

Contact advertisers, negotiate prices, instruct content format, receive digital content, charge advertiser, track for payment, run the campaign and finally remove it after paid period.

A lot of work for a single campaign is not cost-effective.


Automated ad selling

Our service is designed to make earning easy. You set your price, approve or disapprove incoming ads and the rest is handled automatically.

We make your ad display business effortless.

How to become a Screen Owner

1. Set up the Display Device

Buy smart TV with the size and quality suitable on your own budget.
Connect it to the eeScreen service and place it on the window.


2. Start Advertising

Use your computer or mobile device to manage your campaigns.
No need for price negotiations or contacting us, everything is digital.


3. If you also want to sell ads

Set up your price, approve incoming ads and start earning.
Our service automatically handles campaigns, charging and money transfers.


Detailed information about screen setup are at Instructions page.
There are FREE and PREMIUM service plans. More information at Pricing page.

About us

EeScreen is developed and owned by Eeku Oy. We are extremely experienced software company based in Oulu, Finland. You can read more about our story from About Us page.