Idea of the eeScreen
The whole idea of the eeScreen is to enable people to earn with their potential advertisement display locations. Screen owner can have 3 free advertisements to their own screen, so in the worst case without any advertisers, owner has a free digital signage service for own use. If there are advertisers, we have automatized everything possible to make business as fluent as possible.

So our focus is on small companies and apartment owners, who have a window on a good location and are willing to rent advertisement time for others.

Hosting a screen
Hosting a screen means that you buy Smart TV for your budget, configure it as you want and place it on your window. The only things you need to do after that is to make sure it is running and approve/disapprove the content coming from advertisers. Content placements to the screen, running campaigns and handling money transfers are handled automatically.

How advertisers find eeScreens? We think that the best way is that they see your screen in action. There are always a small EESCREEN.COM text on the bottom of your screen, and also after running a full round of advertisements, system shows "Buy ad here" with price set by the owner. Advertisers can easily find the screen from our web page and buy a campaign. Advertisers can also just browse screens and buy campaigns without even seeing the actual screen. To make that more probable, Screen owners should write a good screen description and take a photo that really shows the screen location.

Business logic
We are just providing a platform for screen owners to earn, so you may consider eeScreen as "AirBnB for renting advertisement space". We are not in business relationship with advertisers, we are only a platform cost for screen owners. Our service is a digital signage business enabler.

Money Transfers and Banking information
We are using Stripe payment service to handle all money transfers. We do not store or handle your credit card information. To pay advertisement, you do not need a Stripe account, since payment can be done directly using Stripe Credit Card payment. But if you are Screen Owner, you need also to collect your earnings and therefore you also need to create Stripe account. That is easy to create and connect to eeScreen from your eeScreen account's Profile view.

About Stripe
Anyone involved with the processing, transmission, or storage of card data must comply with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS). Stripe has been audited by an independent PCI Qualified Security Assessor (QSA) and is certified as a PCI Level 1 Service Provider. This is the most stringent level of certification available in the payments industry.
More about Stripe can be found from their website
Screen owner requirements
Almost anyone can acquire own screen and start earning with advertisement sales. You need a good window location, permissions to have screen placed on that window and of course your own device with internet connection. Buying and installing your own device requires only minor technical skills, so following these instructions carefully, everything should go rather smoothly.

In Finland, you basically don't need any permissions, if the display device is inside, behind a window. Authorities can not define for example what kind of curtains you use, which rule also applies with an advertisement display. Of course inappropriate content is not allowed. NOTE! You are solely responsible of all possible permissions of your advertisement display. Make sure, especially if you plan to locate the display device in a rented space.

Screen owner responsibility
As a screen owner, you have responsibility of your customers. Our service is just a platform for hosting advertisement screens, so advertisers are in customer relationship with screen owners, not with us. Because of that, screen owner needs to make sure of the functionality of their screen and give correct information about the screen. It is your product that you are selling. As a screen owner you also are solely responsible of the content you approve to your screen. More detailed information about responsibilities can be found from Terms of Service pages.

Generic Device information
Pretty much any modern smart TV works with eeScreen service. List of needed functionalities are:
  • Can be connected to Internet
  • Internet browser with full screen mode
  • Settings to disable any screen or power savers
We have tested new smart TVs from Samsung, Sony and LG for compatibility and all of them work. To make sure of all necessary features, ask help from your local consumer electronics retailer with the list above.

Internet connection
Your display device must have Internet connection possibility. If you cannot connect the device using ethernet cable, make sure that the device has WiFi possibility and you have Wifi network available in your office or apartment.

Internet browser and full screen mode
You can check already in the electronics store that it really contains internet browser application. To make sure it also supports full screen mode, you can test it by browsing to our Screen test page with to the display device. It will give you results of the compatibility.

Screen and Power savers
Typically all TVs and display devices have possibility to disable screen and power savers. Reason to disable those is to make sure your display does not go blank after a while. To make sure, check the settings of your display device or search information from the manuals.

Account profile
To use our service, you need to register to our system to get an account. If you are going to run your screen as a company, you still need to provide your personal information as well, since there needs to be a contact person responsible of the account. After registration, go to your account profile to complete your information.

Connecting to Stripe
Screen owners need also to receive money to their bank account, which means you need a Stripe payment service account. If you already have a Stripe account, it can be connected to your eeScreen account from your eeScreen profile view. If you do not have a Stripe account, that can be created also from eeScreen profile view.

Our system is creating charges for advertisers directly to your Stripe account, so it is important to know that Advertisers are going to have a receipt with your Stripe account information. Receipt will give your Stripe account name as the charger and eeScreen advertisement as a product.

Creating your own Screen
Creating your screen profile starts from Create New Screen button, either from your Home view or from Screens view. Fill your screen information, like public name, price, location, description, etc. Do not make your screen active until everything is ready.

To make your screen more profitable, you should give a good description of your screen and also taking a photo from outside gives a good impression for potential advertisers.

Screen settings
More advanced screen settings can be found by pressing Advanced Settings button in your Screen edit view. We have set such default values that everything should work nicely with those. Screen resolution value is something that you basically don't have to set at all, since when you start running your screen, our system automatically retrieves screen resolution from your display device.

Internet connection
Check your display device manuals, how to connect it to the Internet. You can use cable or wireless connection, depending of your device and connection possibilities. If you do not have connection in your office or apartment, you just have to arrange it. One option is to buy 3G/4G dongle, router or similar connection device, but first make sure of your display device compatibility with it.

Disable screen and power savers
Disable all possible screen and power saver options from your display device, to prevent it going blank during advertising. Use manuals to find where those are located in your display device settings.

Disable remote connection
Some smart TVs have a feature to connect remotely to them from smartphones or computers. Read from the manual of your smart TV how to disable it in your model. If possible, disable Wi-Fi from your smart TV and connect it to internet some other way. If you're using Wi-Fi, it's preferable to use a different one than your possible customers are using. It might also be possible to set a password for remote connection. If you are having problems with this, don't hesitate to contact us!

Screen test
You can test your screen on our Test page.

Physical attachment
When you place your screen on the window, make sure it is placed there firmly and safely manner. We suggest using official TV mounts, either on the side wall or ceiling. If you place it on windowsill or on a table in front of the window, please attach it.

Basic information
Set a Name for your screen, which will describe it well as shortly as possible. Name will be shown for customers when they are searching screens for their campaign, so a good name is important. A common way to name the screen is its location. Price per week is the price in euros for seven (7) days. If campaign duration is not in full weeks, price for separate days will be calculated in proportion. Check Active only when everything is set up and you are ready to show advertisements. When screen is active and approved by eeScreen, it will be visible to advertisers in screen search. Good Description is also very important for your screen. Tell here about any additional information, which your customers should know about your screen.

Location of the screen
Location should be as accurate as possible. Fill in country, city, postal code and street address of your screen. You can also click Use my location, which will locate your device and fill in the information for you. If your browser asks permission to use your location, answer yes. Your location will be used only to fill in the information on this form. Note, that this feature might not work on every device, and the accuracy of it might highly depends on your device.

Photos of your screen and its surroundings helps it to become more profitable. Your customers will get better understanding where their ads will be shown, especially if they find your screen online.

To add photos of your screen go to screen view and click "Add photos of your screen" button below the map. Click "Browse" and select a photo from your computer, and click "Upload". JPEG, JPG and PNG formats are supported. You can add as many photos as you want. The leftmost photo, number 1, will show up first. To change the order of the photos click left and right arrows. When you are ready, you can click "Back to screen" to see how your photos will look like on the screen page. Advertisers will see similar photo slider in their view of your screen. You can edit the photos afterwards by clicking "Edit photos" on the screen view.

Screen settings
Change Language, if you want to define a specific language for the advertisements on your screen. Selected language will mainly just inform your customers, but it also changes the language of "Buy ad here" view. Width and Height will be set automatically when you start your screen. You can't change them yourself, but you can check what the resolution is. Customers will also see this in your screen information. Banner means the white text on black background, which will be shown on every ad. It's by default on the bottom, but you can change it to be shown on the top instead. If your screen is upgraded to PREMIUM, you can set it private here.

Ad settings
Ad duration means how long one still ad will be shown at the time, in seconds. Videos will be shown completely, but if they are longer than this duration, they will not be shown every complete round of ads. EeScreen balances duration of still and video ads, so that videos will have the same amount of screen time, they will just be shown less often. Maximum campaign duration means the maximum number of days campaign can last on your screen. To get longer campaign on your screen than this, advertisers can copy the campaign as a new. Selecting Accept video ads will enable ads in video format on your screen. You should test if your display device supports video ads by visiting Test page on the device. Video ads may cause stability issues on devices that do not support video playback.

Termination settings
Ending date is the last date your screen will be available. Set this, if you know the date you are ending the hosting of your screen temporarily or permanently. You can also unselect Accept new ads, if you don't want to get new ads anymore.

To display advertisements on your device, choose one of the login options below:
1. Using short link
- Check your screen's one-time short link from your screen information (for example:
- Go to the short link address on your display device's browser
- The short link can be changed in advanced screen settings

2. Normal login
- Start your display device's browser and go to
- Login using your eeScreen creditentials and open your screen view
- Click Run Screen button. On the opening page you can turn screen 90 degrees and confirm the number of running ads, before starting.
- Finally click Start button, and your screen is running
Creating ad
You can add advertisements to your own screen the same way as to any other screens. Go to your screen and click "Create campaign for this screen" button. You can also select screens in screen search, and you can also select any other screens for the same campaign. Fill in the campaign information and upload the content. Finally click "Create campaign" (or "Send ad for approval" in case you have screens of others also selected).

In FREE service plan you can have 3 own ads for free on your screen. After that you pay 0.50 € per week. A screen upgraded to PREMIUM can have up to 50 free own advertisements. PREMIUM service plan has a monthly fee of 24.00 €. INTERACTIVE screen is only for your own interactive pages and has unlimited number of own ads. Monthly fee of INTERACTIVE service plan is 39.00 €

Receiving advertisements
When you get an advertisement for approval, you'll receive a notification via email. You will also see the number of ads to approve in the top bar next to "Screens" link. You will find the ads waiting for approval from Home page and Screens page.

Content approval
Open the advertisement by clicking its name. Check the content, that it follows our Terms of Service and the possible rules of your own (see the instructions below). To see more details of the campaign you are approving click "View details". Note that you must have a connected Stripe account to be able to approve advertisements.

Your own rules
You may specify your own rules for the content you are approving. Such rules could be regarding to your business or surroundings of the display for example. Write the rules clearly to the description of your screen. Your rules cannot conflict with our Terms of Service.

If you face a problem, first read carefully a possible error message you received. If the problem is related to your screen, check your screen view and the settings. Try hard reloading the page (in the most browsers Ctrl + F5), restarting the browser and clearing the cache. If the problem is repeated, take note of the possible error message and go to Contact page. Tell us clearly what is the problem, with which screen, how it occured and what were you doing before that. We will solve the problem and contact you as soon as possible.
Create account
To buy advertisements, you need to have an eeScreen account. Registration takes only few minutes. Just fill in your basic information and you are ready to buy ads.

Search Screens
Click Create Campaign from either home view or ads view. In Search Screens view you can browse map and select screens where you want to place your ad. There is a link button at the end of each screen to open more detailed information to another tab. After you are done, just click "Create campaign for selected screens" button.

Create Campaign
In Create Campaign view, you have to enter campaign name, duration and upload the content. You see your content in preview window, where you can also select whether to cover entire screen or just fit it completely inside the screen. If your content is not filling the whole area, the rest will be left black. Then click "Send ad for approval" button after which you have to wait for screen owners to approve your campaign content.

Paying the Campaign
When the screen owners approve your campaign, you will be notified with an email, but also your advertisement appears in the Shopping Cart. If you have campaign in multiple screens, your approvals are coming separately for each screen.

From Shopping Cart you can pay any screen you wish separately, so you don't have to wait all approvals. Currently eeScreen supports only Credit Card payment, which is completely handled by Stripe payment service and we do not store your card information at all. Whenever you have paid, your campaign starts to run. And of course you can also decide not to pay and cancel the campaign separately from each screen.

Copy campaign
You can copy your ads as a new campaign by going to the ad's page and click "Copy campaign". New campaign creation page will be opened with the same information, content and screens as the original. You can change the information, content or screens before creating the new campaign. After creation the campaign must be approved by the screen owners before you can pay it.

Buy continuing ad
If you would like to continue your running ad, you can do it by going to the ad's page and click "Buy continuing ad". Select how many days you want to continue the campaign. You can also remove some of the screens of the campaign, if you like. After creating the continuing campaign you can pay it right away, no additional approval is required from the screen owners.

Ending campaign
Campaign will end by itself after the time you have paid will run out. You will be noted before the ending of the campaign and right after the end. If you would like to end the campaign before its original ending time, you can do so from the ad's page, by clicking "Stop campaign". Note, that eeScreen will not give refunds for the cancelled time, but screen owner may do so.
A screen upgraded to PREMIUM can have up to 50 free own advertisements. Additionally PREMIUM screen can be set as private, in case you want to show only your own advertisements. PREMIUM service plan has a monthly fee of 24.00 €.

When creating a screen choose the PREMIUM plan from the drop-down box. If you want to upgrade your already created screen to PREMIUM, go to your screen view. Then click "Upgrade to PREMIUM" button. After you have confirmed your upgrade, you can pay the monthly fee. Note that PREMIUM features will be activated only after you have paid the fee. After you have paid, you can any time pay the next month in advance, so you won't lose the paid features in any point. You will be noted via email when your PREMIUM month is about to end.

You can switch between FREE and PREMIUM at any time. To downgrade to FREE go to your screen view and click "Downgrade to FREE". After confirming the downgrade your screen is changed to FREE plan. If you still have paid time left for your PREMIUM, features will continue until the date you will see from your screen view. You may also wait until the PREMIUM month ends and change to FREE after that. Note, that if you have more than 3 own ads running on the screen, extra ads will be finished when PREMIUM ends. The oldest ads will stay as own free ads. If you want to continue showing the extra ads, copy them as new campaigns.
By choosing INTERACTIVE service plan your screen changes to a remote-controllable display, where you'll get unlimited number of own advertisements. Interactive screen can be controlled by scanning the QR code on it with a mobile device. QR code can be read with most smart devices, with camera or QR code reader app. Code opens a remote controller in the browser of the mobile device, which can be used to control the content of the interactive screen. INTERACTIVE service plan is especially suitable for informative screens and for example to a shop window of a real estate company. INTERACTIVE service plan has a monthly fee of 39.00 €.

Is it safe?
With remote controller user can only browse the pages of the interactive screen and click the additional links you can add to the remote. Remote control will not give the user access to your display device. QR code and short link of your screen also change after they've been used. Remote control will disconnect automatically, if it's not been used for a while. User will see a timer in the remote and on the screen before it disconnects.

Create screen normally by following instructions under "Setup your own screen" and choose INTERACTIVE plan from the drop-down box. Advanced settings are different for interactive screen, see the instructions for those below. After choosing INTERACTIVE plan you can't change it to FREE or PREMIUM. If you want to use the same display device with FREE or PREMIUM, just create another screen from "Home" or "Screens". If you want to end using INTERACTIVE plan, you can deactivate the screen and leave the next payment unpaid.

General settings
We will display a small banner in the screen and you can select the placement with EeScreen banner location. It can be set either TOP or BOTTOM, the latter being the default. Still ad duration tells how many seconds one page will be shown, when no one is controlling the screen. It can be set maximum of 300 seconds, default being 5 seconds. Image transition effect can be set to "Fade", "Slide" or "Flash" or you can choose to have no effect at all, which is also the default. "Fade" changes the image to another by slowly fading the first one and showing the next one. "Slide" makes the images slide from right to left when changing. "Flash" show a short white flash between the images.

Interactive screen settings
QR code location is the horizontal location of the QR code on eeScreen banner. It can be set to either left or right, latter being the default. End message link is optional link, which will be shown when the viewer ends controlling your screen. It will be shown together with Remote control end message, which you can also change here. The default text is "Thank you for using this interactive screen".

Creating interactive pages
To create content to your interactive screen, click "Edit interactive pages" on your screen view. Create pages by filling the form on the left. Created pages will be shown on the right. After creating a page it will stay in edit mode. To create a new page click the button "Create new page" on the right.

Page configurations
Give your page a descriptive Name, which will be shown when controlling the screen. Location refers to the structure of your pages. Top level pages are the highest in the hierarchy and you may add sub pages for them. You can change the location of the page later. Image is the actual content of your page.

Choose Cover entire screen if you want to enlarge the image to cover the entire available display area. Warning: depending on the aspect ratio of the image, part of the image may be cropped if this option is selected. If Excluded from slideshow is selected, the page is not shown in automatic slideshow when no one is controlling the screen. Select Group page, if you want to add sub pages under the page you're creating. In case you choose this, you also have to give a descriptive Subs name for the sub pages. If Show thumbnails is selected, thumbnails of the sub pages will be shown on the screen instead of the page image.

Page action buttons
You can add additional actions to the remote controller, either page specific or global ones. To add a page specific action, click "Add new action". Give Name, which will be shown in the button in the remote controller. Choose Go to page and the Target page, if you want the button to lead to another interactive page on your screen. Choose Open external URL, if you want the button to open another website in the browser of the mobile device. If you want the action to be shown on every page of the remote controller, click Edit global screen actions. The form for global actions is same as for page specific ones.

Page structure
Page structure is shown on the right side of the edit view. You can select the pages and edit them by clicking them on the structure tree. To see the sub pages of a group page, click the plus (+) next to the name. You can change the order of the pages on the same level by clicking the up and down arrows. If you want to change the level, edit the page, choose a different level and save. You can also delete a page by first editing it and clicking the "Delete page" button.