Idea of the eeScreen
Whole idea of the eeScreen is to enable people to earn with their potential advertisement screen locations. Screen owner can have 3 free advertisements to their own screen, so in the worst case if there are no advertisers, owner has free digital signage service for own use. If there are advertisers, we have automatized everything possible to make business as fluent as possible.

So our focus is on small companies and apartment owners, who have window on a good location and are willing to rent advertisement time for others.

Hosting a screen
Hosting a screen means that you buy Smart TV for your budget, configure it as you want and place it on your window. Only things you need to do after that is to make sure it is running and approve/disapprove the content coming from advertisers. Content placements to the screen, running campaigns and handling money transfers are handled automatically.

How advertisers find eeScreens? We think that the best way is that they see your screen in action. There are always a small EESCREEN.COM text on the bottom of your screen and also after running a full round of advertisements, system shown "Buy ad here" with price set by the owner. Advertisers can easily find the screen from our web page and buy a campaign. Advertisers can also just browse screens and buy campaigns without even seeing the actual screen. To make that more probably, Screen owners should write good screen description and take a photo that really shows the screen location.

Business logic
We are just providing a platform for screen owners to earn, so you can consider eeScreen as "AirBnB for renting advertisement space". We are not in business relationship with advertisers, we are only a platform cost for screen owners. Our service is a digital signage business enablers.

Money Transfers and Banking information
We are using Stripe payment service to handle all money transfers. We do not store or handle your credit card information. To pay advertisement, you do not need Stripe account, since payment can be done directly using Stripe Credit Card payment. But if you are Screen Owner, you need also to collect your earnings and therefore you also need to create Stripe account. That is easy create and connect to eeScreen from our Account Profile view.

About Stripe
Anyone involved with the processing, transmission, or storage of card data must comply with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS). Stripe has been audited by an independent PCI Qualified Security Assessor (QSA) and is certified as a PCI Level 1 Service Provider. This is the most stringent level of certification available in the payments industry.
More about Stripe can be found from their website
Screen owner requirements
Almost anyone can acquire own screen and start earning with advertisement sales. You need good window location, permissions to have screen placed on that window and of course your own device with internet connection. Buying and installing your own device requires only minor technical skills, so following these instructions carefully, everything should go rather smoothly.

In Finland, you basically don't need any permissions, if the display inside the window. Authorities can not define for example what kind of curtains you use, which rule also applies with advertisement display. Of course inappropriate content is not allowed. NOTE! You are solely responsible of all possible permissions of your screen. Make sure, especially if you plan to locate the display in rented space.

Screen owner responsibility
As as screen owner, you have responsibility of your customers. Our service is just a platform for hosting advertisement screens, so advertisers are in customer relationship with screen owners, not with us. Because of that, screen owner needs to make sure of the functionality of their screen and give correct information about the screen. It is your product that you are selling. As a screen owner you also are solely responsible of the content you approve to your screen. More detailed information about responsibilities can be found from Terms of Service pages.

Generic Device information
Pretty much any modern smart TV works with eeScreen service. List of needed functionalities are:
  • Can be connected to Internet
  • Internet browser with full screen mode
  • Settings to disable any screen or power savers
We have tested new smart TVs from Samsung, Sony and LG for compatibility and all of them works. To make sure of all necessary features, ask help from your local consumer electronics retailer with list above.

Internet connection
Your display device must have Internet connection possibility. If you cannot connect the device using ethernet cable, make sure that the device has WiFi possibility and you have Wifi network available in your office or apartment.

Internet browser and full screen mode
You can check already in the electronics store that it really contains Internet Brower application. To make sure it also supports full screen mode, you can test it by browsing to our Screen test page with to the display device. It will give you results of the compatibility.

Screen and Power saver
Typically all TVs and display devices have possibility to disable screen and power savers. Reason to disable those is to make sure your screen does not go blank after a while. To make sure, check your display devices settings or search information from the manuals.

Account profile
To use our service, you need to register to our system to get an account. If you are going to run your screen as a company, you still need to provide your personal information as well, since there needs to be a contact person responsible of the account. After registration, go to your account profile to complete your informations.

Connecting to Stripe
Screen owners needs also to receive money to bank account, which means you need an Stripe payment service account. If you already have Stripe account, it can be connected to eeScreen account from your eeScreen profile view. If you do not have Stripe account, that can be created also from eeScreen profile view.

Our system is creating charges for advertisers directly to your Stripe account, so it is important to know that Advertisers are going to have receipt with your Stripe account information. Receipt will give your Stripe account name as the charger and eeScreen advertisement is a product.

Creating your own Screen
Creating your screen profile starts from Create New Screen button, wither from your Home view or from Screens view. Fill your screen information, like public name, price, location, description, etc and remember that do not make your screen active until everything is ready.

To make your screen more profitable, you should give a good description of your screen and also taking a photo from outside gives good impression for potential advertisers.

Screen settings
More advanced screen settings can be found by pressing Advanced Settings button in your Screen edit view. We have set default values such that everything should work nicely with those. Screen resolution value is something that you basically don't have to set at all, since when you start running your screen, our system automatically retrieves screen resolution from your eeScreen.

Internet connection
Check your display device manuals, how to connect it to the Internet. You can use cable or wireless connection, depending of your device and connection possibilities. If you do not have connection in your office or apartment, you just have to arrange it. One option is to buy 3G/4G dongle, router or similar connection device, but first make sure of your display device compatibility with it.

Disable screen and power savers
Disable all possible screen and power saver options from your display device, to prevent it going blank during advertising. Use manuals to find where those are located in your display device settings.

Physical attachment
When you place your screen on the window, make sure it is placed there firmly and safely manner. We suggest using official TV mounts, either on the side wall or ceiling. If you place it on windowsill or table on front of the window, please attach it.

To display advertisements on your device, choose one of the login options below:
1. Using login code
- Check your 8-character login code from you screen information (example: 8znajh7n)
- Go with your display device browser to login address (example:

2. Normal login
- Start your device's browser and go to
- Login using your eescreen creditentials and open your screen view
- Click Run Screen -button, then Start -button and your screen is running
Content coming soon

Content coming soon

Content coming soon
Create account
To buy advertisements, you need to have an eeScreen account. Registeration takes only few minutes. Just your basic information and you are ready to buy ads.

Search Screens
Click Create Campaign from either home view or ads view. If Search Screens view you can browse map and select screens where you want to place your ad. There is a link button at the end of each screen to open more detailed information to another tab. After you are done, just click Create campaign for selected screens button.

Create Campaign
In Create Campaign view, you have to enter campaign name, duration and upload the content. You see your content in preview window, where you can also select whether to cover entire screen or just fit it completery inside the screen. If your content is not filling whole area, the rest will be left black. Then click Send Ad for approval button and you have to wait for screen owners to approve your campaign content.

Paying the Campaign
When screen owners approve your campaign, you will be notified with email, but also your advertisement appears in the Shopping Cart. If you have campaign in multiple screens, your approvals are coming separately for each screen.

From Shopping cart you can pay any screen you wish separately so you don't have to wait all approvals. Currently eeScreen supports only Credit Card payment, which i completely handled by Stripe payment service and we do not store your card information at all. Whenever you have paid, you campaign starts to run. And of course you can also decide not to pay and cancel the campaign separately from each screen.