Frequently Asked Questions

Generic questions

Yes. Same account can be used to create and control own screen, but also to buy advertisements from public screens by other users.
EeScreen works wherever you can place your advertisement display. However, to collect your earnings as a Screen Owner, you need a Stripe account. Stripe works in many countries and is expanding to even more. You can check if Stripe works in your country here. Remember also to check your country's regulations for hosting an advertisement display. In Finland, you basically don't need any permissions, if the display device is inside, behind the window.

Acquiring own screen

Anyone can become a Screen Owner. All you need is a suitable display device and a good location to set it up. Any smart TV or a display device with an internet connection and a browser works. Just register and make your display eeScreen. You can use the same account also for advertising.
Needed permissions may vary in different countries. In Finland, you basically don't need any permissions, if the display device is inside, behind the window. Authorities can not define for example what kind of curtains you use, which rule also applies with an advertisement display. Of course inappropriate content is not allowed.

NOTE! You are solely responsible of all possible permissions of your screen. Make sure, especially if you plan to locate the display device in rented space.
Pretty much any modern smart TV works with eeScreen service. List of needed functionalities are:
  • Can be connected to Internet
  • Internet browser with full screen mode
  • Settings to disable any screen or power savers
We have tested new smart TVs from Samsung, Sony and LG for compatibility and all of them work. To make sure of all necessary features, ask help from your local consumer electronics retailer with the list above.
Yes. Just use the same screen short link in all of those display devices and each screen will show independently the same screen content.

For eeScreen service that setup is considered as a single screeen, so everything is controlled as single screen. With Premium plan, you also only pay for single screen.

For example in corner windows you could show same ads to both directions. If you sell ads, remember to set the price according to this extra visibility.
Unfortunately not yet. This feature is not yet implemented, but it is on our future features list.
Some TVs, like Sony, might show the top bar of the browser when going to fullscreen mode. To remove it go to settings of your TV's browser and look for option "Always Show Menu Bar" or something similar. Remove the option and save, and test the fullscreen again. If you can't find the setting or removing it won't help, contact us.

Screen hosting

Yes. Our FREE plan grants you 3 own ads free of charge, which we consider as your normal need for own ads. Giving unlimited own ads would make too easy to abuse our service policies.

If you need more own ads or just want to show only your own ads, you can upgrade to PREMIUM. With monthly fee of 24.00€ you'll get up to 50 own ads.

INTERACTIVE plan grants you unlimited number of own ads. Interactive screen is only for own ads and viewer can control the content of the screen with a mobile device.

If you need even more ads in FREE or PREMIUM plan, you can buy those in both plans with our base fee of 2.50€ per week.
Yes. Our service supports portrait mode, even if your display device does not support it. We have done it using the software, so you just rotate the display to a position you wish and adjust the image from our service to be correctly.
Yes, you control the content of your own screen. We are only providing you a platform to make business and you define the rules for your screen. Remember, that your rules should not conflict with our Terms of Service.

You can also disapprove any content, which doesn't suit to your business or the surroundings of your screen. Write your rules clearly to the description of your screen.
You can change the location, which will be shown to others, by editing your screen. This location should be as accurate as possible, so change it immediately when the display device has been moved to the other location. Write about the change to the description of your screen before hand. You may also have to stop showing ads during the moving, so make sure you'll explain that in the description too. You can set "Ending date" for your screen from Advanced settings.

Even if the location of your display device would change often, try to keep the location as accurate as possible, and keep your customers informed by writing about the moving the description.
We think the best advertisement for your screen is the screen itself. There will be shown "Buy ad here" ad after every round of advertisements. If your display is on a good location for advertising, people will find it. In addition you can promote your screen as much as you want yourself. Since our business is based on your success, we will advertise your screen too.

Advertisers can also find your screen on our Search Screens page. They can read there more info about the screens and select them for their campaign. To make your screen more profitable, make sure you have a good description and pictures of your display device.
Some smart TVs have a feature to connect remotely to them from smartphones or computers. Read from the manual of your smart TV how to disable it in your model. If possible, disable Wi-Fi from your smart TV and connect it to internet some other way. If you're using Wi-Fi, it's preferable to use a different one than your possible customers are using. It might also be possible to set a password for remote connection. If you are having problems with this, don't hesitate to contact us!
By choosing PREMIUM plan you'll have an option to make your screen private. If you do this, others can't advertise on your screen, and your screen won't show up in screens search. You can choose this on your screen's edit page under Advanced settings.

You may also keep your PREMIUM screen public, in which case others can buy advertisements to your screen. To choose this make sure "private screen" option in Advanced settings is not checked.

Note, that your screen goes public automatically, when your paid PREMIUM time ends. To keep it private your can pay the next month in advance in Shopping cart. If PREMIUM ends and you start it again, you may set the screen back to private.
No they can't, interactive screen is meant only for your own ads. If you want to sell ad space to others, choose FREE or PREMIUM service plan. You can use the same display device for other service plans, just create another screen on "Home" or "Screens" page.
Yes, the short link can be changed in advanced screen settings. Go to edit your screen and open "Advanced settings" section. You'll find your short link under "General settings" with a button to change it. After clicking the button system will ask you to confirm.
If you have to stop hosting your screen for a while or permanently, change your screen's settings accordingly. To do this go to Edit screen.

If you don't have any advertisements on the screen, you can deactivate it by removing the selection from "Active".

If you still have active advertisements of others running on your screen, click Advanced settings. Under "Termination settings" you can remove the selection from "Accept new ads". This way new advertisements won't be offered to your screen. If you know the date until the screen is available, you can set it to "Ending date".

It also good to tell about any changes in the description of your screen.


If your advertisement is not shown as promised, you can report the screen. Go to the screen's page and click "Report screen". If advertisement keeps not showing up, screen owner is responsible to give you a partial or complete refund. You can check screen's uptime percentage from its page.

Payments and money handling

We are using Stripe payment service to handle all money transfers. We do not store or handle your credit card information. To pay advertisement, you do not need a Stripe account, since payment can be done directly using Stripe Credit Card payment. But if you are a screen owner, you need also to collect your earnings and therefore you also need to create Stripe account. That is easy to create and connect to eeScreen from your eeScreen account's Profile view.

When making payments, Stripe will always take its share first. Then, in advertisement payments there is also eeScreen fee. The rest of the payment will go to the screen owner. In monthly PREMIUM and INTERACTIVE fees there's no eeScreen fee, since the receiver of the payment is eeScreen.
Stripe is a payment service used to handle all money transfers in eeScreen. We do not store or handle your credit card information. To pay advertisement, you do not need a Stripe account, since payment can be done directly using Stripe Credit Card payment. But if you are a screen owner, you need also to collect your earnings and therefore you also need to create Stripe account.

Anyone involved with the processing, transmission, or storage of card data must comply with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS). Stripe has been audited by an independent PCI Qualified Security Assessor (QSA) and is certified as a PCI Level 1 Service Provider. This is the most stringent level of certification available in the payments industry.
More about Stripe can be found from their website
To collect your earnings as a screen owner you need to create a Stripe account. That can be created easily from our service in your profile view. If you already have a Stripe account, you can use that by connecting it to our service.

Your screen earnings will be paid first to you Stripe account, where you can payout them to your bank account.
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