How eeScreen works

The best solution for your own ads display

1. Get own Display Device

Buy any display device with internet browser from your local electronics retailer. You can test device compatibility in the store with screen test page

Contact us if you need help with the display device.


2. Connect your display

Use your computer to register an eeScreen account and create a new screen. Select either FREE, PREMIUM, or INTERACTIVE plan for your screen. Configure ads duration, change effect, etc. and add your advertisements.

Enter your screen's short link to your display device browser and you are ready to go!


You are ready!

With FREE-plan you can freely play around and make sure our service is what you need, but you don't have to commit or pay anything. We planned our service to be easy and risk-free to start.


Interactive Screen

Interactive screen makes it possible for viewers to interact with your screen content. This is optimal solution if you want enable viewers to browse your products, services or information pages. Normal display device placed behind window can be used and there is no need for touch display.

Display device will show content normally, with QR-code on the corner. When viewer points mobile device camera to the QR-code, it opens a remote control page, that can be used to interact with the screen content.

Example usage

Real estate agency places their homes grouped by area to the display. Normally display shows homes automatically one by one, but with interactive screen the viewer can browse homes at own pace. If viewers find something interesting, they can open more specific information from link that agency has placed for that home.


Automated Ad Selling

When someone wants to advertise on your display, they upload the content, set duration and send it for approval. You'll get approval request email and by approving it, advertiser will be notified to make the payment. Our service will send all needed receipts of the transaction.

All incoming payments will stack to your Stripe account and you can payout your earnings whenever you want, directly to your bank account.


Promoting your Display

When you enable ads selling for your screen, any advertiser can search your display from our service map and buy ads for your screen. Display also shows eeScreen bottom banner and "Buy ad here" slide to promote advertising on your display.

You can also promote your display for example in social media, but we will promote your display since your success is also our success.



Pricing depends of the plan you choose for your display, found from our Pricing page.

In a nutshell, you can sell ads without monthly fee and we charge provision of your income. If you want private advertising display, we charge monthly fee. There are no initial costs.


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Designed to be the easiest solution

The idea of our service is to make owning advertisement display as easy as possible. No need to negotiate prices, no need to order expensive devices or installations. Try it free without commitments. If our service is not for you, quit whenever you like.

We designed eeScreen to be the easiest and most flexible option to own ads display.


Answers to frequently asked questions can be found on our FAQ page. If you still can't find the information you are looking for, you may also contact us using the form below.