How eeScreen works

The best solution for ads display selling

Get own Display Device

Our principle is to transform common Smart TV to ads display device. You can acquire the device yourself and reduce costs. If you need help or want to buy full solution, contact us.

You can ask help from your local Smart TV dealer to check the compatibility. Testing device compatibility can be done using our screen test page


Display Configuration

Register an eeScreen account and create new screen to connect your Display to the service. Configure ads duration, location, etc. If you want to earn, set up weekly price for ad selling. Then enter one-time short link from your eeScreen info to your Smart TV browser to make it run.

To receive money from ad sales, you also need to connect account to Stripe payment service. It is trustworthy payment service complying with the highest security standards.


Show ads on Display

Ads are shown as a slide show using the duration of your choice. There are no limits for how many times you can change your own ads, only limits are for amount of simultaneously running ads.

With ad selling enabled, display shows periodically "Buy ad here" slide with your price.


Promoting your Display

Enabled ads selling means that any visitor of site can search your display from a map and buy ads for your screen. Display also shows bottom banner and "Buy ad here" slide to promote advertising on your display.

You can also promote your display as much as you want, but also our business is based on your success, so we will advertise it too.


Automated Ad Selling

When advertiser wants to rent ad space from you, they upload the content, set the campaign duration and send ad for approval. You'll receive approval request email and by approving it, another email will be sent for advertiser to make the payment. Our service will send all needed receipts of the transaction.

All incoming payments will stack to your Stripe account and you can payout your earnings whenever you want, directly to your bank account.


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Answers to frequently asked questions can be found on our FAQ page. If you still can't find the information you are looking for, you may also contact us using the form below.