About us

About eeScreen

eeScreen is an easy and convenient platform to own an advertising display and earn money with it. Just place any modern smart TV on your window, connect it to our service and start earning. Our service handles the content placement, charging and running the campaigns.

Service is 100% developed and owned by Eeku Oy.

About Eeku Oy

Eeku Oy is a software development company founded 2014 in Oulu, Finland. Even our company is young, we have a long experience of software development from various companies. Our founders met while developing software for Nokia Mobile phones and later for Microsoft. When Microsoft ended mobile phone development in Oulu, we decided to start our own company.

We are mostly developing complex web services for our customers, but we also do a lot of other types of software projects. Our vision has always been to create our own products, but we have been very critical with our product ideas. We have already ditched many quite promising "half-way implemented" ideas, but eeScreen is something we are fully committed.

You can read more about Eeku Oy from https://eeku.fi.

Story of eeScreen

As a nerds we discuss a lot about different technologies. Once we started to discuss about Raspberry Pi and how it could change any plain monitor as a digital signage device. We even discussed about making that as our own product, but as hardware does not scale easily, we ditched that idea. But the idea about digital signage business started to haunt me.

I noticed that to get your own display, you basically have two options - buy and configure a digital signage device on your own, or start negotiations with digital signage provider. Either way your business needs a lot of work - discuss with advertisers, get content in correct format, upload and activate those to your display for correct time, and finally take care of the charging. All that sounded too complex.

So we started to think about this whole digital signage business from different point of view. We really wanted to automate everything possible and keep things simple. Just buy smart TV, connect it and start earning.

We started slowly the conceptual design at end of the 2017 and the actual development started during 2018. We released our concept draft at december 2018, but final release was january 2019. Implementation took long, since we wanted to develop this on our own funding, without causing trouble to our customers. Longer development time also gave us more time to polish the concept to a diamond.